Where Heaven Touches Earth

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Publisher: Abingdon Press
Genres: advent
Pages: 45 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0687741904
ISBN13: 9780687741908
This thematic Advent study for 2005 has 4 sessions - one for each Sunday of Advent. Each session is related to the overall theme of the book and offers an alternative to the lectionary-based Scriptures for the Church Seasons. This year's theme is "Where Heaven Touches Earth," a study of selections from Luke 2. The session titles are 1 - "Keeping Watch" ( Text: Luke 2:8-9) 2 - "Peace" (Text: Luke 2:8-14) 3 - "For All The People" (Text: Luke 2:8-14) 4 - "Today... a Savior... born to you" (Text: Luke 2:8-14)


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