1 John

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Publisher: Group
Genres: Biblical Studies
Pages: 95 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0764432435
ISBN13: 9780764432439
6 Sessions on the Book of 1 John See, hear, smell, taste, and touch God's Word. Let the book of 1 John stir up your senses -- as together you share in the gift of Jesus' love. DVD Inside! Includes the entire book of 1 John (NLT version) in print and on DVD. Great Value! No leader guide required -- everyone in your group will need a copy of this book. Throughout the week group members can watch the DVD and see 1 John in a totally new way. In every meeting you'll: Taste & See -- Kick off each session with a snack that relates to your study--and view the DVD clip containing the Scripture passage for that session. Read A Sense of History -- Learn the historical background of the verse and deepen your understanding. Dig into Scripture -- Through questions and other sensory experiences, you'll see how scripture applies to your daily life. Make It Personal -- Relate the Scripture message directly to your relationship with yourself, your family and friends. Touch Your World -- With take home reading, interaction with others, prayer and watching the DVD. Members choose to check in with their partner that week, or to take time to pray for one another as they prepare to apply this week's session.


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