Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Publisher: Doubleday
Genres: Theology, History
Pages: 370 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0385248636
ISBN13: 9780385248631
Why have the mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls been called the greatest archaeological find of the millennium? Is something precious, or damaging to faith, being concealed by scholars who have monopolized access to these hidden documents? Distinguished Dead Sea Scrolls scholar James H. Charlesworth and an international array of experts clear away all the cobwebs masking the lost centuries of these ancient treasures. Combining the most recent work on the Scrolls from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Israel, and the United States, Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls presents the definitive international and inter-confessional consensus on what these controversial documents have to say, and on how they have revolutionized our understanding of the founder of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth. Gone are the myriad sensational accounts (with their outlandish claims) presented in the tabloid press and in other "pop" treatments of the Scrolls. With the keen eye of acknowledged experts, Charlesworth and his colleagues give us an accessible and intriguing view that is free from parochial bias. The result is a cornucopia of discussion on fascinating topics drawn from the very latest research on the Scrolls and the Qumran Essene community credited with writing them. Some of the material examined in this volume includes what the Scrolls have to say about the historical Jesus, crucifixion in ancient Palestine, the existence of an Essene quarter in Jerusalem, and the discovery of a "pre-Christian" messiah martyr cult. Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls gets to the heart of the matter of why these documents are so important. Simply, they give us unprecedented and unparalleled insight into the times in which Jesus lived, and remain among the few surviving original documents written by the hands of Jesus' contemporaries. This detailed investigation provides us with useful insight into, and much needed clarification of, Jesus life and teachings as they begin to emerge from the shadows of history.


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