Gospeled Lives

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Publisher: Upper Room Books
Genres: Biblical Studies
Pages: 143 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0835899713
ISBN13: 9780835899710

What does it mean to be gospeled? John Indermark suggests that an encounter with the living Christ demands response. Gospeled Lives covers biblical characters who had such an encounter. Some of these persons responded with joy and gratitude. Some ignored or rejected Christ's offer of good news. These stories, along with daily readings of scripture, written prayers and suggested exercises, make an ideal study for either individual or group use over the six week Lenten period. The offer and the experience of grace are found in these pages, as it is in the Lenten season itself. Each chapter has five daily readings and an introductory overview to the week's theme. Session guides for group study are included in the appendix.

"The title of this book, Gospeled Lives, might sound odd. In English, gospel is a noun and occasionally an adjective. In the New Testament, however, gospel is more often a verb. Gospel expresses action. To speak of 'gospeled' lives, as I do in this work, speaks of lives that have been acted upon by their encounter with Jesus. . . . And in every case, the story of gospeled lives remains open-ended. That is, response to encounter with Jesus continues to unfold in ongoing choices and unfinished stories. The book intentionally ends on that note; for that is truly where you and I enter the picture as we live out the unfinished stories of our response to encounter with Jesus." Introduction


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