Called to Be God's People

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Publisher: Abingdon Press
Genres: Biblical Studies
Pages: 92 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0687038146
ISBN13: 9780687038145
Looks at the various ways Gods calls us and empowers us to live out the purposes for which we were created. The book offers the following sessions: - A Call to Lead and a Call to Follow (Gen. 11:27-12:9, 1 Sam. 16:1-4"b 6-13; 2 Sam. 7:8-16) explores the surprising resourcefulness of the God who calls leaders and followers and our concerns about God's faithfulness, our fitness and the personal question: How is God calling me?- God Calls in the Night and at Mid-day (Matt. 1, Luke 2:22-38) looks at some of the specific ways God calls us and offers hope.- Jesus Calls Disciples (Mark 1:14-28; 2:13-17) explores God's good news in Jesus, the relevance of God's good news for contemporary life, and how we are called to live God's good news in our world.- Jesus Sends and Equips Disciples (Mark 3:13-19; 6:6"b-13) examines how Jesus calls men and women into a new way of living characterized by generosity.- Called to be More (Mark 8:27-38; 10:13-45) examines Jesus call to total commitment and to a deeper understanding of the way of life that leads to God's vision of true greatness.- Common Complications (Ruth 1; 2 Kings 5) explores god's grace and care when our responses to God's call is complicated by our grief or by our pride.- God's Call to New Life (John 3:1-21; 4:1-42) explores how God's call to a new life, buoyed by love and anchored in faith, invites persons to change.

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