Working Families

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Publisher: WaterBrook
Pages: 226 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0877881995
ISBN13: 9780877881995
Who hasn’t heard a lot about juggling, balancing, and surviving? Navigating parenthood and professional life is all those things. But amidst the struggle, a life of kids, careers, and busy-craziness can be a privilege–and a tremendous reward.

Working Families shows you how.

Joy Jordan-Lake, a woman passionate about her kids and career, gives you examples from the lives of real people, some famous and some you’ll meet for the first time in these pages. Drawing upon her background as a college professor, writer, mom, and wife, she helps couples and families navigate life together for joy and purpose. Along the way, the insight, gentle humor, creative ideas, and encouragement of Working Families will help you sail through oceans of demands with confidence because you can change the world–and not in spite of your children but because of them.

Includes discussion guide for individuals or groups.


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