They Were Single Too

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Publisher: Kregel Publications
Genres: Relationships
Pages: 144 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0825427762
ISBN13: 9780825427763
New Revised Ediiton also available

For singles who want to live a godly, biblical life amid all the issues of singleness, there can be no better examples than the lives of Bible characters who have blazed the trail. Years ago, David Hoffeditz was presented with a question: How does one walk with the Lord in the midst of living single? Countless books have been written on the topic--how to cope with singleness, how to begin a thriving singles' ministry, and how to provide an inspirational "Kumbaya land"--but there are no thorough studies about what the Bible says and what the biblical singles have to say. After struggling with the issue, Hoffeditz realized that there were biblical figures that had been single at some point in their adult lives--Paul, John the Baptist, Anna, Joseph, Ruth, and three others. And through studying their lives and situations, Hoffeditz reached the conclusion that liberates singles from the shackles placed by themselves and others. He realized that these preconceived notions, biases, and cultural ideals must give way to the wisdom of God's Word. In this thorough examination of singleness in Scripture, singles will discover, as the author did, spiritual freedom in the midst of living single.


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