Spirited Women

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Publisher: 1517 MEDIA
Genres: Women
Pages: 110 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0806640278
ISBN13: 9780806640273
Combining biblical scholarship, midrash, and an imaginative, fictional approach, Mary Ellen Ashcroft takes a new look at seven biblical women: Mary Magdalene, Maria, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Joanna, The Samaritan Woman, and Martha.

In this book Ashcroft views these women in light of Christ's resurrection. What might they have thought, felt, and done, once they knew that Jesus had been raised? How did they influence—even help build—the early Christian movement?

Ashcroft maintains that these women have become "lost" in history; that their true identities have been obscured. By seeing them afresh, we can gain insights for our own discipleship. Ashcroft says, "Mentors and foremothers of the faith, have you been lost, or have we? You have sat, watching these many years, waiting to welcome us. Perhaps it is in finding you that we find our place in the faith."

Spirited Women includes spiritual exercises for meditation, reflection, prayer, and discussion.


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