Loving Your Job, Finding Your Passion

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Publisher: Paulist Press
Genres: vocation
Pages: 192 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0809139391
ISBN13: 9780809139392
Creating a spirituality of work People want to feel good about their job, no matter what they do. They want their job to support their spiritual values and to have a meaning that extends beyond them. This upbeat title can help anyone in any position do this with the work they're in right now. The book helps create a spirituality of work that leads to more creativity and satisfaction and to a better balance between one's home life and work life. It offers concrete, step-by-step help to uncovering the calling present in every job. Helping everyone from the first-time employee to the burned-out veteran, this title-- --uses humor, realism, and optimism to tackle the problem --shows how work is a calling to be in relationship --invites participation through chapter questions and exercises --is easily adaptable for different jobs, situations, lifestyles, and personalities --embraces people of all faiths This is inspiring, practical reading for-- o adult ed classes o business students o company retreats o classes on business ethics o vocational counselors o pastoral counselors o and every worker, whether currently employed or unemployed


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