One Day at a Time

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Publisher: Upper Room Books
Genres: prayer
Pages: 142 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0835899136
ISBN13: 9780835899130

Illuminates biblical treasures of healing, which are sometimes neglected by the church.

Addiction, personal weakness, and feelings of inadequacy are issues many face daily. In One Day at a Time, South African Pastor, Trevor Hudson recalls his own battle with a gambling addiction and how he overcame it through God's grace and vision for his life. Using a step-by-step plan for a lifetime commitment to change, One Day at a Time offers principles that will help readers learn to reclaim a sense of self worth and renewal in their lives.

"If you study each of these steps carefully, you will see that they are deeply, though not specifically, Christian. Steps one, two and three invite us to give up our natural tendency to want to be in total control--to be managing directors--and instead to let God be God in our lives. Steps four, five and ten call on us constantly to examine our lives and to confess our wrongs. Steps six and seven prompt us to let God change us from the inside out. The eighth and ninth steps encourage us to mend broken relationships wherever we can. The eleventh step shows us how to grow in our relationship with God on a daily basis. Last, but not least, the twelfth step challenges us to share the hope of recovery with other strugglers and sufferers. Can you see how close these steps are to the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth and the writings of the New Testament?" (xvi)

- Gift book for individuals needing an extra boost during a time of need

- Individuals who struggle with worry, compulsive and addictive behaviors, battle with increasing stress and tension, or who sabotage relationships

- Individuals who have feelings of guilt, regret, and self-condemnation

- Individuals/Groups who feel their faith has become bogged down in pious clichés and empty ritual.


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