The Making of a Mentor

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Publisher: Authentic Media
Authors: ,
Pages: 217 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1932805303
ISBN13: 9781932805307
Jesus ministered to many but focused on a few. What makes this strategy so compelling? Because he understood the secret of living forward—spiritual multiplication through intentionally influencing a few people at a time. He knew that by concentrating on a few faithful men and women they would leave behind them a legacy of people whose influence would extend beyond a generation or two; in fact, a legacy that would continue to multiply until he returned. This book is written to stimulate you, whatever your age, gender or position in life, toward a passionate desire to change people who will then change other people who will change other people. The key is not so much how you pour your life into people but that you are a person worth following. God placed you here to invest your life in others. This book will show you how to live and speak truth into the lives of others in a way that will transform them forever. Some of the essential leadership characteristics discussed in this book: -Self-discipline -Encouragement -Gentleness -Confrontation


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