The Life-Changing Power in the Name of Jesus (Curriculum Kit)

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Publisher: New Hope Publishers
Genres: Curriculum, DVD, Leader Guide, Theology
Pages: 189 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1563098415
ISBN13: 9781563098413
God only has one name, but it is a name too big for human lips to speak. Through the revelation of Scripture, God teaches His name to His people a piece at a time. Each revelation of who He is comes through a demonstration of what He does. He has perfect integrity--what He does perfectly reflects who He is. Through the Old Covenant, God's name is revealed layer by layer. In Jesus, the name is revealed fully. The Word becomes flesh and the fullness of the godhead dwells in human form. The name is Jesus. Learn what it means to pray and to live "in the name of Jesus." The name of Jesus gives you access to all the riches of the spiritual realm. The name of Jesus brings earth into the power of heaven and brings the power of heaven into the circumstances of earth. This 8-week interactive Bible study explores how Jesus reveals Himself as Jehovah, the Great I Am, as He meets the deepest needs of mankind. Discover the meaning behind Jesus' "I AM" statements in the Gospel of John. Learn how to live in the authority and power of the name above all names.


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