Deepening Your Effectiveness (Curriculum Kit)

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Publisher: Discipleship Resources
Genres: Curriculum, DVD, topical
Authors: ,
Pages: 224 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0881774758
ISBN13: 9780881774757
Standing watching the sunrise over the ocean, our senses come alive. We hear the call of seagulls, smell and taste the salt water, and watch the tide drift slowly on shore as we plunge into the deep blue waves. The risk of testing the ocean water from the beach is the way Glover and Lavey illustrate how new disciples are created or destroyed within the church. The authors carefully dissect a new Christian's entry into the "church world" and identify the hazards that cause them to run back to the beach. It was not until Glover stepped away from the church life he once led and saw the efforts from secular eyes, that he discovered the "plague of ineffective disciple making." Each stage of the disciple making process is explored with examples of both successes and failures. Glover and Lavy explain such integral aspects as identifying the primary seeker, questions he or she may ask, finding relationships with influence, barriers, and ministries that can have a positive impact.


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