Secrets of the Exodus

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Publisher: Helios Press
Genres: Commentary
Authors: ,
Pages: 289 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1581153198
ISBN13: 9781581153194
This fascinating reference fuels the passionate debate about the biblical Exodus with a provocative thesis: Not only was Moses an Egyptian but so were the Hebrew people who followed him to Canaan.

Through linguistic, philologic, and religious explorations, the authors prove that the "Chosen People" were not slaves from a foreign country but high-ranking Egyptian priests and the adherents of the monothiest pharaoh Akhenaton. During a counterrevolution against monotheism, his followers were forced to move to the Egyptian province of Canaan.

Secrets of the Exodusis a controversial, thought-provoking guide guaranteed to shake many beliefs both in the Jewish and Chirstian communities.

• First published in France in October, 2000, it sold more than 53,000 copies

• Selected as the "best book of the year 2000 in religion" by Amazon France


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