Luther and His World

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Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Genres: Theology, History
Pages: 190 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0830823514
ISBN13: 9780830823512
Martin Luther remains indisputably one of the most colorful and influential characters of the last millennium. The renegade monk could not claim credit or blame for the whole of what eventually became Protestantism, but, as one who played a unique and critical role in the emergence of a new church and a new way of thinking and believing for millions of people, the impact of his actions and beliefs on the past 500 years has been incalculable. Graham Tomlin examines the profound agony of Luther's intellectual journey as the great thinker struggled with some of the deepest of all human questions--the nature of God and the soul. Tomlin also explores the Reformation as history, focusing on the impetus for this great intellectual and spiritual movement that heralded the Enlightenment.Generously illustrated with numerous examples of period visual art, Tomlin's engaging contribution to the IVP History Series paints a vivid picture of Luther's life, from his early struggles with faith to his emergence as the leading figure in the dramatic change and division experienced by the Reformation. The person revealed here is by turns obstinate, sensitive, blunt and determined--a man of faith willing to risk all for his convictions. Luther is controversial, complicated--and never dull.


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