A Woman of Insight

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Publisher: David C. Cook Publishing Company
Genres: Women
Pages: 112 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1564764567
ISBN13: 9781564764560
Dee Brestin knows many women long for Bible studies that apply the Scriptures to a woman's heart and life! The writer of Ecclesiastes laments, "What has been done will be done again" (1:9). What a good description of housework! Whether we are facing the monotony of housework or something far more frustrating or painful, we need God's insight. Dee sheds light on this challenging Bible book while offering examples of women who have applied the principles found in Ecclesiastes and discovered victory and joy! This guide is one of a series by Dee especially for women. Dee Brestin ministers to the hearts of women with her speaking and writing. Besides this series of studies, she is the author of The Friendships of Women, the Lifestyles of Christian Women, We Are Sisters (Victor), and eight Fisherman Bible study guides (Shaw). She and her husband Steve are the parents of five children and live in Kearney, Nebraska.


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